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Cisco Umbrella Secure Access Point Promotion
Your first line of at half the cost

Add Cisco® Wi-Fi security to your Cisco access points for full protection at half the cost.

Cisco Umbrella™ WLAN is a cloud-delivered security service that allows you to easily secure your wireless environment and protect any device on your network in minutes. Cisco Umbrella blocks requests to malicious domains and IPs before a connection is ever made, stopping threats earlier.

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Umbrella Promotion


Umbrella WLAN

Secure devices predictively, on and off the corporate network on-network only
Prevent malware, phishing, and C2 callbacks over any port
Enforce acceptable use policies with 80 content categories, plus SafeSearch
Protect off-network devices with Cisco AnyConnect roaming module and Umbrella roaming client (for Win/Mac)
Protect iOS supervised devices with Cisco Security Connector
Identity granularity
Any network device (by external IP)
Enforcement & visibility per internal network or Active Directory (AD) user/group and Umbrella virtual appliance (by internal IP) per SSID, Access Point, AP and User Group, (no Active Directory)
Policy enforcement
Block malicious domain requests & IP responses at the DNS-layer
Enforce custom block/allow lists, provide built-in block pages, and bypass options allow list and built-in block page
Real-time, enterprise-wide activity search & scheduled reports


Umbrella Promotion 2


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