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Cisco XDR
Cisco Extended Detection and Response (XDR)

Cisco's XDR approach

Boost productivity with a built-in, cloud-native platform approach connecting intelligent detections to confident responses across the Cisco Secure portfolio. Capabilities are integrated within each products' console, achieving the industry's broadest XDR.


Cisco Extensions

Built-in extensions

Simplify breach defense with capabilities integrated across the broadest portfolio.

Cisco Detections

Intelligent detections

Identify malicious intent with machine learning-based analytics across the most data sources.

Cisco Responses

Confident responses

Reduce threat dwell time with playbook-driven automation across the most control points.

Gartner Report

Gartner weighs in on why integration matters

Hear from the analyst that coined the term XDR. Gartner recommends that you "increase the importance of integration and automation in purchasing decisions."

Your fastest route to achieving XDR

Cisco AMP Endpoint Detection

Endpoint detection and response

Reduce incident response time by up to 85 percent by accelerating the detection and automating the response to threats.

Cisco SecureX

Cloud-native integrated security platform

Achieve simplicity, visibility, and efficiency with the broadest, most integrated platform.

Cisco Network Analytics

Network detection and response

Reduce false positives by enabling behavioral detection with agentless visibility across the network and cloud.

Ten ways you can experience XDR today
Explore our top 10 uses cases in our new e-book and get answers to questions such as:

Cisco 10 Ways to Experience XDR
  • Does XDR unify data from your security technologies?
  • What role does analytics play in bringing together insights from across attack vectors?
  • Is your endpoint security doing enough?
  • Is automation the answer?
  • How will you make better security decisions with XDR?

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