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IronPort M670 Security Management Appliance
Flexible Management and Complete Security Control at the Network Gateway

IronPort M670 Security Management Appliance

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IronPort M-Series - Centralized Management for Security Management:

One location to monitor all corporate policy settings and audit information.

The IronPort M-Series™ security management appliance is the perfect complement to IronPort’s best-of-breed protection. The IronPort M-Series centralizes and consolidates important policy and runtime data, providing administrators and end-users with a single interface for managing their Security Management systems. The IronPort M-Series ensures top performance from IronPort C-Series™ appliances, and protects corporate network integrity by increasing deployment flexibility.

This security management appliance provides the central platform for managing all reporting and auditing information for IronPort’s Security Management appliances. Optional management features allow you to coordinate all your security operations from a single security management appliance, or to spread the load across multiple appliances.


IronPort Aggregated Reporting
Aggregate reports provide a centralized view into email threats, while allowing you to obtain additional information on a specific Security Management appliance.

Security Management Functionality:

Each IronPort M-Series appliance can host one or more of the unique security management features available from IronPort® to ease administrator workload.

Centralized reporting allows for consolidation of IronPort’s Security Management Monitor reporting data from multiple Security Management appliances to provide fully integrated security reporting. IronPort’s unique threat correlation engine provides unprecedented insight into even the highest volume networks in the world. Detailed and accurate information is coalesced into interactive and actionable reports, suitable for all levels of an organization. Cross-application reporting provides insight into the threats being blocked from inside and outside your network, internal user behavior and critical content security policy. See which users are sending the most mail, and track policy infractions across any department or site. IronPort’s powerful reporting engine enables you to capture the current view of any report in an Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file, create regularly-scheduled reports that are automatically delivered via email, or even download the reporting data in CSV format for easy integration with existing monitoring solutions.

IronPort Advanced message tracking
An intuitive and powerful search interface provides administrators with an easy way to quickly track emails for troubleshooting or auditing purposes.

Advanced message tracking enables administrators to know where, and when, an email communication took place. Search message telemetry for multiple Security Management appliances based on the sender, recipient, message subject, or a host of advanced parameters. Report the full scanning results such as spam/virus verdicts or policy violations, as well as delivery details such as TLS statistics, email authentication, or IronPort PXE™ encryption technology.

IronPort Spam Quarantine™ is a self-service solution, with an easy-to-use Web or email-based interface and simple integration into existing directory and mail systems. All operations are automatic and self-managing, so there is no risk of a capacity overload. Most importantly, the IronPort Spam Quarantine requires no maintenance by the administrator or the end-user.

End-users can be authenticated against a corporate LDAP directory or by using their regular email password for any standards- based IMAP or POP server. Message distribution lists can be managed through one-click authentication from the quarantine message digests. The IronPort Spam Quarantine fully integrates the capability for end-users to create their personal safelists and blocklists.

Data Availability
The Data Availability report helps easily answer the question, “Is my reporting data complete, or is there information missing?”

Security Management Platform:

Built on IronPort’s AsyncOS™ operating system, the IronPort M-Series provides industry-leading robustness, scalability and supportability.

The next-generation architecture of the IronPort M-Series enables it to easily support large enterprises and ISP customers, which handle tens of millions of messages every day.

Redundant data aggregation provides customers the ability to aggregate the same email reporting and message tracking information on two separate IronPort M-Series appliances.

A modular design allows customers to run all IronPort M-Series security features on a single appliance, or dedicate specific appliances to individual applications for high-volume deployments.






  • Maximize Your Security Budget - The IronPort M-Series stretches your dollar, by providing a centralized location for storing and processing Security Management data. Reporting data, message tracking information and quarantines can all be managed by the IronPort M-Series – letting you dedicate your other appliances to keeping security threats at bay.
  • Reduce Your Administration with AsyncOS - Unlike other management and quarantine solutions that require one or more separate servers, the IronPort M-Series is built on IronPort’s AsyncOS – a fully – managed, high-performance operating system. All upgrades and new features are delivered directly from IronPort for your approval, then automatically installed and managed. IronPort’s intuitive user interfaces make this powerful platform incredibly easy to use.
  • Built-in DLP capabilities - The IronPort M-Series provides detailed information on policy violations, filter matches, and user activity – even for events that may have occurred months or years ago. This long-term visibility allows messaging administrators to quickly and easily respond to requests for trend analyses and audits that are critical to the remediation workflow for data loss prevention and compliance.

IronPort M-Series Deployment

IronPort M-Series Deployment

The IronPort M-Series centralizes and consolidates important policy and runtime data, providing administrators and end-users with a single interface for managing their Security Management systems.


Chassis / Processor
Models IronPort M1070 IronPort M670 IronPort M170
Form Factor 2U 2U 2U
Dimensions 3.5" (h)x 17.5" x 26.8"(d) 3.5" (h) x 17.5" x 26.8" (d)) 1.67" (h) x 16.9" x 15.5" (d)
Power Supplies 870W,, 100/240 volts 870W, 100/240 volts 400 watts, 100/240 volts
CPU 2x4 (2 Quad Cores) 2x4 (2 Quad Cores) 1x2 (1 Dual Core)
RAID RAID 10, battery-backed 256MB cache RAID 10, battery-backed 256MB cache RAID 1, battery-backed 256MB cache
Memory 4 GB 4 GB 4 GB
Ethernet 4 Gigabit NICs, RJ-45 4 Gigabit NICs, RJ-45 2 x Gigabit NICs, RJ-45
Fiber Yes No No
Web Interface GUI-based (HTTPS) GUI-based (HTTPS) GUI-based (HTTPS)

Compatibility: Interfaces with all IronPort Email and Web Security Appliances.

Sizing Up Your Security Management Solution:

IronPort Systems provides industry-leading email and Web security products for organizations ranging from small businesses to the Global 2000.

  • IronPort M1070 - Consolidated management appliance designed to meet the needs of the most demanding networks in the world.
  • IronPort M670 - Suggested for organizations with multiple gateway security appliances and thousands of users.
  • IronPort M170 - Designed for organizations with multiple gateway security appliances and less than 2000 users.

Centralized Security Management:

The IronPort M-Series security management appliance complements IronPort’s best-of-breed security appliance product line. By ensuring top performance from your Security Management gateways, the IronPort M-Series provides one location for you to monitor all corporate policy settings and audit information. Designed and built as a flexible management tool to centralize and consolidate policy and runtime data, the IronPort M-Series delivers a robust and scalable security management solution that allows administrators to easily and effectively manage their day-to-day messaging operations – ensuring that they can react and respond quickly to emerging threats.


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